To serve and to grow
To serve and to grow

To serve and to grow

The inconoclastic beliefs of Sodexo's founder


Pierre Bellon, the founder of Sodexo, is the embodiment of one of France’s finest entrepreneurial successes. At 89 years of age, he has agreed for the first time to relate the story of his battles and his convictions. His words are worth heeding because they are original, revolutionary, and the antithesis of those
we usually hear from major business leaders with companies in the CAC 40.
This book is addressed to all those who think, like him, that history is never written in advance. And that the best way of advancing, of progressing, is through enterprise. Pierre Bellon shares with us his vision of the company, speaks about his raison d’être, his values and his principles of management. He excoriates technocracy. He denounces the deviancies and excesses of capitalism. He makes the case for the intra-entrepreneur. “Before you can grow, you have to begin small. That’s my philosophy in a nutshell. It’s a long road to success”.


[L'histoire de Sodexo] témoigne du fait que les Français sont capables d’innovation et d’audace et peuvent gagner au sein de la mondialisation.
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Table des matières


INTRODUCTION. Revolutionary
CHAPTER 1. Employment
CHAPTER 2. Growth
CHAPTER 3. Promotion
CHAPTER 4. Capitalism
CHAPTER 5. Independence
CHAPTER 6. Services
Conclusion. Human development

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