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This page is intended for international publishing professionals looking for titles originally published in French and available for translation into another language. At the bottom of the page, you will also find a form to request permission for reproducing any of our material.

Les Belles Lettres

Les Belles Lettres offers the world's most extensive library of classical works. Since 1919, this French publisher has enabled readers to access the literary heritage of ancient civilizations, thanks to its meticulous editing and translation of often previously unpublished texts, further enhanced by in-depth introductions and annotations.

Today, our unique catalogue encompasses more than one thousand Greek, Latin, Chinese and Sanskrit texts, featured in bilingual reference volumes derived from the diverse fields of study which have marked the progression of our knowledge: philosophy, religions, philology, sciences, medicine, history, poetry and theatre.

In keeping with the rigorous principles involved in publishing ancient texts, Les Belles Lettres works in association with the most respected experts in France, as well as abroad. This painstaking work, carried out in the Renaissance Humanist tradition, has produced a direct line of sources stretching from Antiquity to the Renaissance, and from the West to the East.

Also featured are the works of contemporary thinkers and historians whose books delve into all fields of learning (history, science, philosophy and art) and whose knowledge and ideas deserve to be shared.

Our catalogue exemplifies how strongly our world still resonates with that of the ancients and strives to ensure that the future will not be lost. As long as there is a world, our books will be a part of it.

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